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Where we teach entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners how to build a meaningful, knowledge-based online business, so that they can earn and work from anywhere. 

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HOW we work

We are also tired of endless online courses that take forever to get to the point - or 15 page pdf workbooks. Really, who has all that ink and paper to print anyway? So we decided to limit what you need to a 1 page pdf worksheet per lesson, called canvases.

Our courses are made for busy people. Lessons will be 15-25 min long with short 30-40 min assignments that you can upload for individualised feedback. You will also have the chance to participate in live group calls, and the option to purchase a 1:1 call.

The content of our online courses will be structured around these pillars:


This is where the one-page planners and canvases are key. Why? You are now the CEO of your business. You need to plan. This will give you a quick executive roadmap on how to build the next steps. 


Easy step-by-step tutorial videos will help you understand all the technical aspects of building and testing your website, online courses, sales funnels, bonuses and other digital products. 


As a savvy business owner, you are in this to make money so that you can have geographic freedom, make a larger impact or spend more time for those we love. We will teach you to work smarter.


About us

We love coffee, growing small plants indoors and occasionally dabble in yoga. BlueBubble Academy is a new online only, knowledge based business, that sprouted from 1:1 work at our previous in-person agency,  BlueBubble Tech Ltd. (founded in 2017).

At the helm of our teaching is Phoenix A Lindeque, PhD - who has a strong industry and academic background in Geophysics, UX Design and Instructional Design. Phoenix is super passionate about teaching, coffee, design and building online businesses.

We can't wait to welcome you to our new online home!

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